Ok, you are working on your weight and body fat reduction plan or you are approaching your goal weight.  I call this your optimal weight. It’s not necessarily your “skinny” weight.  It’s the best weight for you to look your best, feel your best, and be healthy.  That’s your optimal weight.      

When you reach your optimal weight, there is a fear that the weight will come back.  Great news.  It won’t come back unless the old habits come back.  We are in control of that. Yes, the same genetic pattern lies within us.  The tendency to regain weight is programmed in every cell of our body, but we are in charge.  Now is the time to continue the same processes that got us to this thinner weight.  Some modifications are advised though.      

The modification will be that you will need more calories throughout the day. You are no longer in weight reduction mode, but in weight maintenance mode.  Finding the correct caloric intake based on your activity level is important.  We use a body composition machine to get to that answer.  Once the amount of food that can be eaten is established, that amount can be modified quickly depending on whether weight is going up or down.      

Increased physical activity will require additional food intake and less activity will require less.  I know you knew that!!   The part of life that will remain the same as when you were losing weight is the following: 

1. Eat 5-6 smaller feedings daily

2. Have Lean and Green meals

3. Drink water until your urine is clear throughout the day

4. Do some form of physical activity every day

5. Get 8 hours of sleep each night

6. Log your daily food and water intake and your exercise activity

7. Prepare in advance to avoid spontaneous eating

8. Set a Ceiling weight. If reached, emergency medical treatment is needed

9. Avoid significant alcohol intake

10.Stay in touch with your coach, Dr., trainer

11.Continue any Hormone or Metabolic treatments per your Doctor

12.Live Lean, Live Long, Live Life to the Fullest      

Always remember, you have the Fat Genes and the Disease of Overweight or Obesity.  You are in remission and if ignored the disease will take off again.  Your hard work to control this disease should be easier since a new life pattern or habit has been installed.  Be the exception.  Don’t be like 80% of the American population that is getting larger and more unhealthy every year.  You are in charge of your life, your health, and your disorder.  You have learned to treat and control this life threatening disease.