We had so many questions, we decided to create a second blog of questions and answers.  It’s exciting when our patients, blog readers, and podcast listeners send us questions.  Getting fit, lean, and healthy requires that we do something we have not been doing.  Knowing is one thing, but taking action is always required to get results.  The following are a continuation of questions from the previous blog.  I hope they are enlightening and helpful. 

8.     I do really well during the week and eat too much on the weekend.  Why do I still not lose any weight?      

When we restrict calories, it takes about 3 days to start dipping into our body fat for fuel.  If we start on Monday to eat less, it takes until Wednesday to begin burning fat.  We burn fat on Thursday and Friday, but Friday night we overeat and we stop burning our stored fat again.  When we restart on Monday, it takes another 3 days to start the fat burning process.  We are actually only in fat burning mode for 1and 1/2 to 2 days a week. 

9.     Why do men lose weight faster than women?      

Men have genetically more muscle mass than women.  This increases fuel utilization and metabolism.  Also, men have much higher levels of Testosterone, which is an anabolic steroid which signals the body to be active and for muscles to be lean and strong.  This also creates a higher metabolic process.  Sorry.  On the bright side,  women are smarter. 

10.     What diet is the best diet for losing weight?      

I get this question a lot.  I have an answer that most people aren’t looking for.  I tell people that the best diet in the world is the one they can stay on.  Sustainability is the most important thing when it comes to weight reduction eating plans.  Anyone can stay on a restricted calorie diet for a week or two, but after that, if it doesn’t taste good, is boring, or too difficult, we all fall off the wagon.  The best diet must incorporate good taste, eating frequency, and satisfaction of hunger.  It also must reduce total calories to allow our body to burn our stored fat.  Many of the trendy diets work short term, some with spectacular results, but ultimately when they are stopped, the weight returns.  We must see weight loss and maintenance as a lifetime process and not a short term project.  If that answer isn’t satisfactory, then I would say the best diet is the plan that we have. 

11.     Is Insulin Resistance the same as Diabetes?  How does it affect weight loss?      

Insulin resistance occurs when our body can no longer maintain a tightly controlled blood sugar level without increasing insulin output.  Insulin is like fuel injectors in our car.  Fuel goes in the tank (food in our stomach).  It moves through the fuel line (glucose through our blood vessels).  Fuel then must get into the engine in the right quantity to make the engine run. That process is up to the fuel injectors or for car buffs of the past, the carburetor. (Insulin for us). Insulin takes glucose out of our blood and “injects” it into our cells for use.  As we gain fat tissue and overeat carbohydrates, we must produce more insulin to control the sugar.  Eventually, over- production of insulin will result in burn out of the pancreas cells and insulin levels drop and we become Type II Diabetics.  So Insulin Resistance is not Diabetes but is a precursor to Diabetes if not treated.  Treatment includes weight loss, increase in protein, lowering of carbs, and smaller more frequent meal replacements.  Treatment might also include Metformin or Berberine supplementation. 

12.     Do women need Testosterone?      

Women make testosterone throughout their reproductive years.  It is an important hormone for metabolism, muscle function, fuel processing, stamina, sex drive, bone strength, and a host of other body needs.  When women go through menopause, their Testosterone levels drop to insignificant levels along with the loss of adequate estrogen and progesterone.  When I treat post-menopausal women with hormone therapy, I usually add testosterone to the therapy.  They feel stronger, have more energy, have return of sexual desire, exercise better with faster exercise recovery and generally feel much better. 

Hopefully, I’ve answered some questions that you also may have had on your mind.  If you have a question, feel free to send it to us through our website or facebook page.  @fastclinicalweightloss or www.fastclinicalweightloss.com