The magic to long term weight control is consistency.  Being consistent with a daily, sound, lower volume diet, and exercise on a regular basis is crucial to staying lean.  Sometimes we have to create routines and programs for ourselves to be able to create new habits.  Unfortunately, most people will go on short term rigid diets to lose a few pounds only to return to the same destructive eating pattern that led to the initial major weight gain.  During the fat loss phase of a weight reduction plan we certainly may reduce our calories to a greater degree and cut out many of the carbs and bad fats so we can get a more rapid weight drop.  It’s difficult for most of us to change our patterns if we’re not seeing some progress.

The problem is we fool ourselves to think that a significant weight loss will solve the problem once and for all.  Wrong! The disease of Overweight and Obesity is still there.  Getting to a healthy goal weight is what I call “Remission”.   At any time, the weight can pile on fast if the same controlled guidelines for eating and activity aren’t adhered to for the long haul.

We also fool ourselves into believing that a busy life or a job that requires walking will keep us lean.  Many consider their regular job activities exercise.  Wrong!  Exercise is physical activity above and beyond what your body is used to doing day in and day out.  It involves getting your heart rate up and keeping it up for a sustained period of time.  It is good however if you have an active job, but that won’t necessarily keep the weight off.  To exercise is to do extra activity beyond the norm.  Eventually, exercise will become your new normal.

One other area where we often get fooled is believing that doing my 10,000 steps a day will make me lose weight.  New studies show that doing the steps and counting them is great to track your movement.  However, those that felt the steps were the magic to losing weight were sorely disappointed.  In fact, individuals who depended on the step tracker lost weight more slowly and lost fewer pounds than those who paid less attention to the counter and followed standard weight loss efforts.  We get fooled thinking the 10,000 steps is enough. It’s not. Good start though.

Since our mind plays tricks on us to get what it wants…more food, we must play tricks on our mind to lose weight.  Stop putting snacks and sweets in your cupboard, because we eat what we have.  Begin scheduling your exercise time as an important appointment with yourself and honor the appointment.  Have your exercise gear close, like next to your bed for mornings or in your back pack or bag for later in the day.  Take appropriate snacks with you for the day. Keep a water bottle with you. Yes wear your step tracker.  Get a partner. Get a coach. Get a checkup.

We all have the willpower and discipline it takes to crush our fat genes.  We can take control of our habits and live longer, leaner, and more energetic lives.  Decide, Plan, Prepare, and Attack!  Then each day, plan, review, and do…over and over and over.  New habits take time and effort, but the rewards can last a lifetime.  We won’t be fooled again.

See less of you next time!