The Mental Component of Weight Loss

We know that the body weight issues confronted by America are due to a complex aggregation of factors.  Our genetics play a major role, but do not determine our body size outcome. Our resultant biochemistry, metabolic functions, and hormonal balance are large factors in how we process, store, and utilize fat as an energy source. Our own environment such as the processed foods, restaurants, and convenience stores make overeating and eating highly caloric dense foods common.  Our sedentary lives with most of our time in front of screens like TV, computers, and phones, take away our ability to burn the fuel we do eat.  Knowing all of this and acting on it is critical to getting to a leaner and healthier body size.  I do think, however, that the most important aspect of this weight loss and weight maintenance process takes place above our shoulders.  Our mind and our thinking are no doubt the greatest controllers of how we approach this problem.
     Until we come to mental and psychological terms with the fact that no matter what other factors contribute to our excess body fat, we are still in control and able to beat the disease.  We have the mind power to Crush the Fat Genes!  We all become mentally lazy and take the path of least resistance in many areas of our life.  We say that it is human nature.  Maybe so, but we also have the unique power to overcome our circumstances including Obesity and Overweight Syndrome.  We are responsible for our health.  We are responsible for our body weight and only in extreme situations of body disease or malfunction will we be unable to resolve this problem.
     First, we must accept the state of our ill health.  Admitting that we overeat, eat junk food, drink calories, live sedentary lives, and even deny we have a problem, is the starting point to getting well from this insidious disease.  I see patients every day that are 50 to 100 pounds overweight and think that losing 15 to 20 pounds will get them to their goal weight. This is due to denial and a lengthy period of conditioning convincing us that we are really not overweight.  My advice,  get naked and take a good look at your body in the mirror.  This exercise should give anyone a big dose of reality.  Another way is to have someone take several photos of you and then blow them up and analyze your body type and size.  When you accept that there is a problem, then the solution can begin.
     The mental solution is found in acceptance of the problem, finding the plan that works best for you, getting help from a professional, and taking massive action to correct the metabolic malfunction in your body.  It takes commitment, patience, action, encouragement, support, and hard work.  The payoff is incredible.  Resilience and persistence are the hallmark traits that we must develop on our journey toward thin.  Eliminating blame and taking full ownership in not only the problem, but the solution, can make this long term task tolerable and in many cases exciting.  
    We are not perfect and we will make many mistakes and have setbacks.  These are normal and part of the growing process.  Learn from these errors and move forward taking one day at a time.  We are never failures.  Failure is an event, not a person.  Being able to sustain a reasonable reduced calorie diet and develop a consistent exercise program will lead to ingraining new habits of health into your lifestyle.  Over time you can actually feel bad when you don't do the exercise or overeat at a meal.  Developing new skills to lose weight and creating new daily habits takes time and it is not reasonable to think that long term weight loss can be done in a month or two.  
     For additional information on a long term approach to the disease of obesity and overweight syndrome please go to our website and download my free book,  "I Just Can't Lose Weight, Seven Reasons Why and How to Beat Them".  When you change your thinking about food and weight, you can change your life and learn to live lean.   

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