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Saying No

     Losing weight and getting back a leaner healthier body is hard work.  It is a full time job.  But Dr. Oliver, I already have a full time job and since I am taking care of a family, I have two full time jobs.  How can I possibly commit to another full time job like getting healthy?  Good question.  It's not that you stop doing everything else in your life.  You still commit to work and your family, but you must also be on purpose full time regarding the performance goals needed to reach your healthy weight.
     Throughout each day we have eating times.  At those times we must always be ready to make a better eating decision.  There are times in a day when we can schedule physical activity and hold ourselves to the schedule.  We must dedicate enough sleep time each night.  We must plan to drink water throughout the day.  We must write in our log the pertinent data about our weight reduction efforts.
     In order to take on the "full time" task so getting healthy, we need to eliminate other non-essential time wasters or distractions.  What are we truly wasting time on that could be redirected to our full time endeavors.  Are we spending time on social media.  If you use social media for work or income, great, but how much time do you spend just browsing and going down rabbit holes?  Can that be eliminated? 
     How much time is spent watching TV.  There are some good shows and sometimes relaxing downtime is valuable, but how often do we just zone out for hours in front of the TV?  Can that be reduced or eliminated? 
     We get asked to join groups, committees, organizations, clubs, leagues, kids projects, school meetings, political groups, church groups, study groups, investment groups and projects and on and on.  If we have a strong interest in something great, but many times we just keep adding items to our already full plate.
     We can do anything in our lives, but we can't do everything.  We must become much more selective especially if we are to take care of ourselves and get in better shape.  Most successful people focus on one thing but participate in up to three things.  If you have a job and a family, that's two things.  Looks like about one more is the limit for being successful.  If healing and improving our body is important and that's the thing we want to focus on, we have to say NO to everything else.
     Saying no is a skill.  We appreciate that others want us to join or assist in their endeavor, but learning to say no in a non-offensive way is paramount.  I've learned over the years that I had a difficult time saying no and ended up on every hospital committee, every neighborhood organization, and others projects until I felt overwhelmed.  One of the greatest skills I've learned is to say, "I'm honored that you would consider me to join this project, but currently I'm committed to a critical undertaking in my life.  Feel free to ask me another time."   No one gets upset and no one will question your critical undertaking.
     I think getting lean and healthy is a critical undertaking in anyone's life.  It takes time and commitment.  So, three of life's focuses would be Family, career, and getting healthy.  For someone else it might be Church, Family, and Career.  A single person might have Career, Health, and a new relationship.  We get to decide.  Of course there will be other items that need attention, but not full time.  In those cases, do the task quickly and be done with it.
     Those tasks might be pay the bills, go to a school play or game, visit Mom and Dad, take the dog to the vet.  Those are life's chores.  They should not interfere with the main three items of focus.  The point here is that we all have things we need to do.  The main interference with our prime focus areas are the distractions.  If we learn to eliminate and manage distractions, we can accomplish anything we want in our life.
     Say No to the unimportant and Yes to the important.  Successful people have learned to say No most of the time, and Yes only when it will improve their life and the lives of people that matter to them.

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