We have been released and the locked doors have been unlocked.  Though we still are maintaining caution and utilizing our newly learned "distancing" techniques, we are feeling much more free.  Many are getting back to work.  Haircuts are being gotten.  Even the nail salons have opened.  It did feel good to get that much needed haircut.
     Traffic is back and many people are out in the summer sun walking and hiking again.  For many we were locked away with not much to do and too much food in the pantry, which easily left the pantry.  Pounds that were lost have returned for many.  Some who didn't have extra pounds, now do.
     How we take back our personal power and responsibility is of utmost importance.  Will we just drift back to our old ways or will we create a new attitude about getting ourselves in better shape and health.  Why not launch out of this lockdown rather than slide out of it.  Like a rocket, expend some energy up front to get liftoff and then power on as momentum is gained.
     We learned a lot during this lockdown.  We learned once again that life is fragile. We learned that we can endure quite a bit.  We learned we are creative and innovative.  We learned that we can also be a bit lazy and when stressed can run to food as a comfort drug.  Now it's time to take our newly learned lessons and create a life that we once only imagined.
     There are no limits on us.  We can get as healthy as we want. We can get as lean as we need, and we can become a success at anything we attempt to accomplish.  It's time now to drop the excess pounds, stop the excess eating, and start the daily physical activity habit.  No excuses.  This shall be done.
     Let none of us use the Coronavirus Pandemic as an excuse for mediocrity.  Use this new found freedom to elevate life to a higher level.  We were intended to be amazing, each in our own way.  We were built for success.  We were created to fulfill our dreams.  A great way to begin to win is to take charge of our body.  Don't let it be in charge of us.
     We can design and write out a plan that will move us steadily toward the wonderful life we want.  Start by becoming lean, fit, and strong.  Accomplishing this will open the doors to other successes. There is work ahead.  We've had our down time.  We've had our rest.  There are lots of things going on around us in the world that, if we let them, can get in the way of our personal success journey.
     By now we should all have realized that everyone has an agenda.  Some don't even know they have an agenda, but they do.  We cannot become sucked up by someone else's agenda.  We must have our own agenda.  Our agenda will define our future.  If your hope and plan is to get thinner and more fit, then your agenda must focus on that treatment.  Every thing that pulls us away from our agenda will rob us of the future we want.
     This doesn't mean we have to isolate and ignore what's going on around us, but it does mean those things can't distract us from our life and our goal.  Life is short and as each month and each year passes, the opportunity to enjoy optimal health can slip away.  We must decide to take action do the things and the work required to get our body in excellent shape with a low body fat and higher lean mass.  No one is going to come and rescue our body.  It's up to each of us.
     Excuses are always easier to make that the work is to do.  Decide. Discipline weighs ounces, yet regret weighs tons.  In a year, will we look back on today and think what a great job we have done at defining our life and our health, or will we look back and think another year has passed and my body is on a downhill slide.  The year will pass no matter what.  We can make it amazing or it can leave us with regret.
     Enough talk.  Time for action.  Plan your diet.  Plan you activity.  Get help.  Join a group. See a weight loss physician.  Hire a coach.  Get an accountability buddy.  Do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Focus on it every day.  Work on it every day.  Live in the solution every day.
     This time next year our body will be a work of art, a finely tuned machine, an example of what can be done.  Nothing can get in our way.  Not age, circumstances, COVID, politics, or any other happening will block us from this achievement.  Are you ready to launch out of this lockdown?  Are you ready to become the best person you can be?  Are you Ready?  Then start!

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