Going the Distance

     Weight loss and getting to our best weight is about going the distance.  Persistence and commitment even in the face of adversity are the answers to getting to your desired weight.  Beating our Fat Genes and being able to live in a body we like and a body that can take us where we want to go is our goal.  We must treat this disease for a life time.  I know it would be great if a one time effort that dropped a large amount of weight would solve the problem.  It does not.
     Many of us go on a regimen of restricted food intake, exercise, and deprivation only to hope that this is the last time.  It will not be.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  Learning to eat less and stay active for life will give you much greater odds to put this disease into remission.
     I do think that finding a dietary regimen and being aggressive to get to a healthy weight is a great idea.  Finding a plan that you can adjust and stay with even once you've reached your desired weight is best.  Most people will go on dietary or exercise plans that are too rigid, too difficult to stay on more than a few weeks or months at best.  This is a plan for re-gain of hard lost pounds.  A diet that allows you to eat throughout the day, and  incorporates good tasting foods can be sustainable for life.  If a goal weight is reached, the diet can be modified to allow more calories.  If body weight starts to go back up, then the same diet can be adjusted to reduce more calories.
     This type of diet plan can be eaten for life with minor adjustments pending if you need to lose weight or stay at a healthy desired weight.  I've found that eating more often than not is a good thing.  I've found that portion controlled, healthy, great tasting snacks, can abate our hunger throughout the day.  I've found that discovering and treating any underlying metabolic or hormonal disturbance is crucial to long term body fat reduction and stabilization.
     Staying the course takes a certain mindset.  It is a long term thinking mindset that will get us to our primary goal and keep us there indefinitely.  Going the distance is a term I use to remind me that I'm in this game for the long haul, and even a minor set back or trouble spot is only that.  Minor.  I will get right back in the game and play each and every day.  I won't just treat this disease until I hit a pre-determined goal.  I will treat this disease, Until!!
     We live in a short term world.  We focus on short term pleasures and outcomes.  To live in the body of our choosing, we must think about health each and every day and make better eating decisions each and every meal.
     The rewards of going the distance are amazing.  These can be looking your best and years younger, feeling amazing every day with energy to spare, avoiding medical treatment for disorders that are reversible by achieving an optimal weight, and living life to the fullest in every aspect.  We have this one life and one body.  If we take care of our body, it will take care of us.
Focus on today so that the tomorrows keep coming.  Go the Distance.
     By Going the Distance with weight reduction and weight maintenance, we can Live Lean, Live Long, and Live Life to the Fullest.

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