Do It!


     Have you ever listened to yourself and heard excuses for not accomplishing something coming out?  Of course, although some people do this all the time and never actually hear excuses they are making.  I was taught a long time ago that when someone says they will try, they are planning on not and typically never do.  I'll try to make it to your party...Not showing up.  I'll try to read that article...never read it.  I'll try to get the project done on time...always gonna be late.
     As Yoda said, "Do or Do Not, There is no Try".   We want to lose weight.  It's good to want, but want never got the job done.  We'll try to lose weight, but there is no Try.  I have a treatment plan, that when followed, ,will produce consistent results over and over.  Every patient who follows the treatment recommendations loses a significant amount of weight each month.
     An odd thing happens after a few weeks or maybe a month or two.  Some people start to tell me that the plan isn't working any more.  That really isn't the case.  The plan is working, but they are no longer tightly working the plan.  Usually they provide me with information as to why they feel the treatment plan no longer works.  When asked if they are following the protocol to the letter, some will even say yes, but upon further questioning it becomes apparent that they are slipping back to  their old habits.  They stop logging daily, they stop eating all of the requisite snacks, they slow down on their water intake, and they have missed their regular physical activity.
     When questioned specifically, they are all very honest.  I find that they are drifting back to some old habits that are not serving them well.  We develop patterns of eating, sleeping, moving, talking, and we seem to revert back to the original or basic patterns we established years ago.  We also stop believing that this weight issue is a medical disorder and think we can control it with sheer willpower.  We forget that we have failed other attempts and didn't remember the same lesson from before.
     We are either doing or not doing.  With weight loss there is no Try.  We must listen closely to what we are saying to ourselves and others as to why we are not accomplishing what we say we want.  If we hear ourselves saying we are too bseusy, too stressed, in the holiday season, working too much, or any other excuse, we must stop and tell ourselves we are making excuses for not doing what we said we wanted to do.  So, Do It.  
     Our brain and behavior over our lifetime develop certain systems.  Some of these systems are Belief Systems.  We believe certain things based on education, external information, experience, and past failures and successes.  Some of these systems are so deeply established that they automatically try to take over our lives.  These old belief systems must be changed.  Here are some of the beliefs that keep us from getting to our lean and healthy weight.
1.  My body is naturally larger than others
2.  I have larger bone structure
3.  I'm too old to lose weight
4.  I'm young and have plenty of time to lose weight
5.  I may be overweight but I'm very healthy
6.  I just need a jumpstart and can handle the rest on my own
7.  I just eat once a day, I should be thin
8.  I love my wine or beer
9.  I exercise all the time so I can eat whatever I like
10.I work on my feet all day so I get plenty of exercise
This list can go on and on.  We all have our favorite excuses that we've ingrained in our mind to justify why we are not "Doing" what we said we want to do.
     Art Williams was a business-man and entrepreneur who reached amazing business status in the 1980's and 1990's.  I'm taking some of the transcript of one of his more famous speeches.  Pay close attention to his no-nonsense approach to success.  This can apply to anything a person wants to accomplish.
     "But the winners do it.  What do they do?  They do whatever it takes to get the job done.  They do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, until the job gets done...If you want to become somebody, do it.  If you want to go in business for yourself, do it.  If you want to become financially independent, do it."
     We must acquire this can do attitude. 
      "Dr. Oliver, I want to lose 50 pounds", Then do it.  
      "Dr. Oliver, my work is so busy right now that I'm struggling focusing on my eating, what do I do?"   Just do it. 
     "Dr. Oliver, I have to run my kids around to practice and sports every night, but I want to lose weight.  What should I do?"   Just Do It.
     "Dr. Oliver, I really want to have more energy, be thinner, and look better.  What do I do?"  Just Do It.
      "Dr. Oliver, No one around me is helping me to lose weight or hold me accountable.  What should I do?"   Just Do It.
      The time for thinking, planning, waffling, getting further advice, making spreadsheets, organizing kitchens, and delaying the weight loss process is over.  
Now is the time to Do It.
     The Nike Shoe company took this simple little slogan and went from a few hundred million in sales to 9 Billion dollars in sales over a decade.  We all want to do it.  If you're on our treatment plan you know what to do.  So, Let's Do It.
     This is the time.  This is the absolute best part of your life to get lean, fit, and healthy.  In fact, there is no better time than now.  We have been subjected to a nasty and potentially lethal virus, lockdowns and shut-ins, shortages, work from home, Netflix Binging, too many sweets and treats, home food delivery, negative news on every channel, and a whole lot of downers from social media.
     Focus on yourself.  That's not being selfish as we've been told.  Focus on your health, weight reduction, physical fitness, and having the body you want and deserve to have to take you through the rest of this life.  There is no excuse big enough and no reason small enough to start moving in this direction.  If you are serious about dropping weight and living in a lean, strong, healthy body, DO IT!

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