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  • When you are losing weight or have lost your weight and have reached your goal, concern about keeping the weight off becomes a focus.  We’ve all lost weight and had some or all of it return.  That is frustrating and makes us want to avoid the weight loss process again.   There are
  •  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to snack.  What we snack on is the problem.  Most Americans snack on either high sugar, high fat, or both high sugar high fat snacks.  These lead to an intake of way too many calories.  When this happens we produce stored body fat. 
  • Most decisions can be made with a Yes or a No.  We like to be “Yes” people.  Yes is a more positive word than No.  A problem can occur when we say Yes to too many things.  We say yes to our boss, yes to our family, yes to the
  • We are all on a path through life.  In fact, we get to choose the path we take.  As we travel down the path there are many forks and turn offs to other paths.  We meet people on the path who may direct us in a different direction.  We choose
  • We all talk to ourselves.  There have  been times when I thought, “Am I the only one who talks to myself and am I crazy?”  You may have had the same thought at one time or another.  Our mind is in a constant conversation with itself.  It’s usually silent conversation,