Long Term Weight Maintenance

When you are losing weight or have lost your weight and have reached your goal, concern about keeping the weight off becomes a focus.  We’ve all […]

Snack Yourself Thin

 I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to snack.  What we snack on is the problem.  Most Americans snack on either high sugar, high fat, […]

Yes or No

Most decisions can be made with a Yes or a No.  We like to be “Yes” people.  Yes is a more positive word than No.  […]

The Path to Excellence

We are all on a path through life.  In fact, we get to choose the path we take.  As we travel down the path there […]

Self Talk

We all talk to ourselves.  There have  been times when I thought, “Am I the only one who talks to myself and am I crazy?”  […]