“Why can’t I lose weight?”  “What’s wrong with my body?”  “Why don’t I have any willpower?”      

We are constantly talking to ourselves.  We ask our minds questions and we give it statements and our mind always responds.  If I ask myself, “Why can’t I lose weight?”, it will reply, “Because you eat too much!”.   That’s not the answer I want to hear, but it is true.  If I ask my brain, “Why don’t I get on an exercise schedule?”, it responds, “Because you’re lazy!”.      

Ask your mind any question and you’ll get an answer.  Try it.  The answer we get depends on the question we ask.  “Why” questions are bad type questions to ask ourselves.  When we ask detailed questions to our mind in the right way, we will start to get less sudden silly answers and get detailed, specific responses that can assist us in living a better life.       

Over the years since computers have been around, we have all heard the phrase, “Garbage In – Garbage Out”.  The same holds true for our brain.  It is even more important what we ask of our minds.  Every thing we have seen, heard, touched, felt, experienced, and learned since we were born is stored deep within our minds.  Our brain is a treasure trove of knowledge and it is constantly being updated.      

Our brain is like fertile soil.  It will grow whatever you plant.  if we plant weeds, they will grow nicely.  If we plant flowers, they will grow nicely.  If we plant vegetables, they will grow nicely.  The soil doesn’t care what we plant.  It will give back to us what we put into it.  This holds true of our mind.  Our mind is a blank slate at birth.  Over the years, many things are planted in this fertile field made from trillions of cells.      

If we plant negative, hateful, and ugly thoughts, we will live with negative, hateful, and ugly ideas and actions.   If we plant positive, happy, and beautiful thoughts, we will live a pleasant, peaceful, and happy life.  Now certainly, we all experience negative things.  How we respond to these determines the long term thinking and actions that come from it.      

We must learn to ask ourselves good questions.  With weight loss, we should be asking questions like:      

How can I change my diet so it’s satisfying and healthy?     

What action can I take right now to become a healthier eater?     

How can I become a person that loves vegetables?     

What can I do to incorporate exercise into my busy schedule?      

Get the idea.  Your brain will attempt to answer these.  Sometimes it takes our brain a while to get back to us with the answer.  I’ve had many questions answered hours or days later while I’m driving down the road.      

“How” and “What” questions are deeper questions that Why questions.  My 3 year old grandson just kept asking Why?, Why?, Why?  He needed simple answers and quick answers as he was discovering life at a young age.  If we are in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or beyond and still are asking mostly “Why” questions, then we are not using our brains to their greatest extent.      

Oh sure,  we should be asking some “Why” questions, but to improve our lives and our self talk, we must ask deeper and more meaningful questions.  We will get deeper and more meaningful answers.  When I was a kid and asked my Mom or Dad a why question, they would tell me to look it up.  We had an entire encyclopedia set (now Google) and I would go to the encyclopedia or the dictionary and look it up.  The answer was always more meaningful than just getting a quick off the cuff answer from my parents.      

The point of this is that getting healthy and breaking bad habits takes some new thinking.  To get new thinking we must ask better questions.  Asking better questions will give us better answers and that will lead to better decision making and better action taking.  I’m not sure anyone truly knows how much of our brain we use, but I am certain, it’s not enough for any of us.      

Ask better questions when you want to improve your life.  Ask better questions when you want to change any aspect of your life for the better.  This works for health, jobs, finances, relationships, and just about anything you want to accomplish in life.  Questions are the entry way to learning.  Maybe we all need to get our learn on.Now, Ask away!