Thursday, September 03, 2015

Fast Clinical Weight Loss, Indianapolis, IN


If you are in the Indianapolis or surrounding areas we welcome you to visit our In Office clinic located:

Just one mile east of the Colts Headquarters, diagonal from Starbucks on 56th street. 

Telephone: 317-396-8446

Fax: 317-295-7044


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8am-7pm

Tuesday & Friday: 8am-5pm

Lean Programs- Please visit our Programs page to see more detailed information.

1. Choose your Lean Program:

  • Lean 7-900: 7 snack meals totaling to 900 calories per day.   $375 initial month
  • Lean 51: 5 snack meals and 1 prepared meal totaling 1000 calories per day. $325 initial month
  • Lean 3: 3 snack meals and 3 prepared meals totaling 1100 calories per day.  $275 initial month
2.    Do you need assistance controlling your appetite through medication?

        Appetite Suppressants                                                                                                  $30-40/month

·         To lower the cost for our clients, all medication is offered in office. We offer prescription and herbal appetite suppressants. 

Additional Procedures & Supplements 

  • Antioxidant Scanner $40/4 $20/1- Non-invasive way to detect the level of antioxidants in your body which help prevent disease and promote younger looking skin
  • Metabolic Testing $40- A breathing machine which measures calorie consumption to lose/maintain weight. 
  • Body Composition Scale $20- A scale to measure not only weight, but also body fat, fat-free mass and water percentages.
  • Lipo-Plex Injections $15/week, $50/month- Weekly injection of amino acids & B-complex to help thermogenic energy
  • Rodex Forte $15- Daily supplement of folic acid & B complex to help thermogenic energy  
  • HCG $150- Remodels body by redistributing fat cells with 500 calories/day diet. Medication, needles and syringes are included
  • Protein Supplements$10-12: Chips, shakes, bars, oatmeal, soups, puddings, pasta entrees

*If you choose after your first month to pursue weight loss through medication only a $50 office visit fee will be charged monthly for future refills. 

*To avoid the $50 office visit fee you must purchase a minimum of $100 worth of products monthly. 

Additional Lab Work

  • Healthy Living Panel $30
  • Men's Panel $40
  • Women's Panel $50


  • My Health Daily Packs $30 2 multi vitamins, 2 omega plus, 1 B-Complex, 30 day supply
  • My Health Daily $20 60 multi vitamin softgels
  • My Omega Plus $15 60 Omega vitamin softgels

*** Weight Management and Obesity Treatment is not covered by insurance. Do not submit receipt to your insurance company. 

* Before starting any dietary or weight loss program, consult your physician or licensed health care provider. Your Health Coach is not a substitute for your doctor or other health care provider.

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